Monday, December 10, 2012

Today's Featured Convo

Daisy: I learned something inappropriate at school today! ////////// Me (being me): Oooh! Really? Tell me.//////////// Daisy (in furtive, guilt-filled whisper): [Classmate Name] made it up: "Yankee Doodle went to town, riding on a heater; he accidentally turned it on and barbecued his weiner."//////////// Me: Ummm... Daisy, do you know what a weiner is?//////////////// Daisy (confidently). Yes. A butt.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Daisy's quest for glasses

Poor Daisy-- she really wants to wear glasses. For the last few weeks she has been claiming things look "blurry" when she stares at them for a period of time, but I was suspicious of the veracity of her account for several reasons. One is that her friend and classmate Charlotte wears glasses, and I have noted Daisy longing to have similar (pink) glasses. And then her friend Alex, also in her class, got glasses and I overheard Daisy excitedly telling him, "I might have to wear glasses too." She insisted on an eye checkup and I made one. I thought it might be possible she needs glasses... after all, Mark and I both wear them, and poor eyesight runs in the family. But her stories were just so suspicious. The worst one: if you hold up two hands, she claims she can only see one. Today after school, before the eye appointment, I had this conversation with her: Me: Daisy, it's very important that you answer all the doctor's questions accurately at the checkup today. Daisy: What's "acker-ate-ly"? Me: It means (holding up both hands) that if you see all ten fingers, you should say so honestly, okay? So... do you see both my hands, or not? Daisy: (lonnnng pause, sheepish expression): I just really want to wear glasses. Exactly. I took her to the appointment, and it was fairly painful listening to her answer the doctor's many questions about what looks blurry, from how near or how far, for how long has this been going on, etc. I was wincing. The doctor seemed to figure her out pretty quickly, though, because after a while he said, "Do you have friends who wear glasses?" Haha. Yep. He was sooo nice; after the eye exam, and after telling her she has perfect, 20/20 vision, he told her he recommends she get a good pair of sunglasses. I thought I saw her sort of tearing up (blinking rapidly, at least) at the news that she had such good vision! Thankfully, the sunglasses recommendation saved the day. We went upstairs to the optical sales department and bought her a beautiful pair of pink (like Charlotte's) sunglasses. Daisy was THRILLED. She was prancing and dancing happily all the way to the car. Only slight problem is that now, she is constantly begging to wear them indoors.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Daisy loves dancing

Synesthesia still going, age 5

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Daisy graduating from kindergarten

Monday, March 12, 2012

After the MELT show on Friday...

At something like two in the morning on Friday (Saturday), after Mark's MELT show at Grant and Green, Mark and I were crossing the street to get to our car and had to jump out of the way of a car that suddenly came at us, headlights off. I suppose you could call it a near-death encounter.

Random man observing from sidewalk and most likely drunk (gallantly): You are too beautiful to die!

Me: Thank you. That was probably the nicest thing anyone has said to me this week.

Random man: Modesty is huge.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

"Gommy was owned"

Where is my daughter picking up these expressions?? Actually, she said, "Gommy was own," but she meant "owned." At Pick-up Sticks.

Daisy also tried out the expression "I nailed you" when playing a game with me earlier, but she also got that wrong and said, upon defeating me, "You nailed me."

Luckily, she still has some adorable expressions... such as, "My bad habits are fading away," said to me earlier in reference to nose-picking, or the reduction thereof.

Just one more cute thing and then I'll stop. Daisy's kindergarten class is going to perform that Turtles song that goes "I can't see me loving nobody but you for all my life" at the Kittredge talent show. Daisy told me that the class is going to sing the first few lines in staggered fashion: two of them will say one word, then the next two will say the next word, and so on. Daisy told me proudly, "I am 'can't'!" And in the next line, apparently, she is "you're."

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Today I got up in the morning, took Daisy to school, went to a Pilates class, came home, prepared for teaching and showered, drove to school, walked a mile to my office hours and class (this involved climbing to the top floor of the building on Lone Mountain), held office hours and class, conferenced with students after class, walked a mile back to my car, drove to the gym, did an intensive cardio thing followed by weightlifting, and went home.

I was feeling great-- like, on drugs great. But suddenly, I feel tired.

Dialogues with Daisy

Daisy: I made a valentine for Nathaniel today. I think it made him VERY happy.

Me: How nice! Did he also make one for you?

Daisy: In a word, no.

Also today, Daisy asked me if she could check my mouth. Why? "Because once, Marcella's mother grew FANGS and the dentist had to pull them out!" And, "Marcella is NOT pulling my leg."

Marcella also told Daisy she once drank a cup of blood and liked it.


Last night I dreamed that Mark suggested, as a money-saving measure, that we should sneak into people's houses and steal their partially used bars of soap. You know, the little slivers that most people throw away prior to opening a fresh bar. Mark felt this was pretty wasteful and that we could subsist for years on these soap slivers and hence save money on the purchase of soap. In the dream we lived in the Appalachians and we were wandering around peering into the ramshackle homes of very wild-looking, hillybillyish men, and Mark would point out their used soap and suggest stealing it.

The other thing I remember is the very rude thing I said to him in response to his suggestion: "Do you want to hear first why that's stupid, or first why it's crazy?"

We HAD been talking about the need to save money that evening.....